Top Notch Management Services Limited (hereinafter called “the firm”) is a human resource management consultancy firm combining experience with youthful energy to ensure efficient and up-to-date provision of various human resource management services for every corporate and individual client.

The operating policy of the firm is employing all the youthful energy as exhibited by the directors by bridging the gap between the employers and the employees. Ideally, the firm is motivated by employment of intellectually sound skills in widening the scope of employee placements. Particularly, by being one of the premier human resource firms in the East African region that employs the use of internet linkages to have the closest proximity to both employers and employees, Top Notch Management Services Limited closes the gap of unemployment while again addressing scarcity of human resources in some cases.

The operational ideal is connecting the employee to the employer in the fastest and cheapest of modes. Understandably, and in the personal experiences of the Directors of the Firm, an ordinary job-seeker will need guidance in the job-seeking sojourn which as many have experienced, is a real challenge especially in economies where unemployment continues to be the biggest challenge.

The vision of the firm is to grow and have global presence while providing to its clients satisfactory professional and personalized employee recruitment and placement services. We embrace competition and timeliness. 


We offer services covering and not limited to the following areas of human resource management:-

  • Employee Recruitment and Placement.
  • Human Resource Management Audits.
  • Corporate and Commercial Employer Linkages to a pool of potential employees.
  • Human Resource Management Training.
  • Employee Sourcing;.
  • Human Resource Consultancy; and.
  • Employment and Labour Laws Compliance Audits.