The following are the services and products that Top Notch Management Services Ltd offers to employers:

1. Staff Recruitment.

Top Notch Management Services has positioned itself as a leading staff recruitment firm and this we owe to our key brains sitting at the recruitement forum. We recruit for all sectors in the labor market.

2. Staff Training.

Top Notch Management Services is actively involved in staff development by organizing various training programs to suite different categories of employees in the work place to enhance their productivity and competitiveness.

3. Labor Outsourcing.

This service is available to organizations seeking to outsource none core business activities eg General HR Administrative Functions.

4. HR Audits.

Top Notch Management Services has a full fledged department that undertakes HR audits to determine compliance of various organizations with the best practice principles of human resource management.

5. Research Services 

We have a skilled and capable team who undertakes project monitoring an  evaluation. We have over five years experience in  project evaluation having  carried out project audit in the Small and medium enterprises including  NGO's and Multinationals. 

Career Tips

It takes confidence...

Yes, it can be challenging to apply to a top organization, but don’t take yourself out of the running before you take the first step. The very first step in landing a job with your dream employer is believing it’s possible. You’ll never get a job you don’t apply for.